The process does not end with planning. Would you rather be working to manage everything at your event, or would you rather spend the time enjoying it? Event Coordination covers a certain amount of preparation in the form of making sure all components are ready, all the vendors and facility are on the same schedule and that each person knows what they need to do and by what time. It also means being on-hand to manage the process in real time, anticipate issues and come up with solutions as needed. The process can be a simple “Day Of” or “Full Service” coordination package, depending on what you need.

Day of Event Coordination

Being present during the event and making sure the day goes smoothly will not happen without some amount of preparation. This option is limited in planning time; but, it will still include calls to vendors and creating an event timeline.

Full Service Coordination

This option is customized based on the time of planning needed, the event location(s), scope of duties, etc. Some clients will want to have a decent level of involvement in the planning, while others may not have the time to dedicate to the details. Either way, I adapt to your needs to make the entire process as involved or as hands-free as you desire.