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Planning an event can be a lot to handle and planning a wedding day can get overwhelming. So many details to consider and so many decisions. Luckily, I can help. I have become pretty good at it actually because I really love what I do! Everyone wants to be able to enjoy their special day and it goes by so fast. Having a seasoned pro to help you along the way can be priceless.

I bring over 29 years of event experience and will help guide you through this exciting process. In a nut shell, I plan the details of events to turn visions into reality for weddings, social and corporate gatherings. I can help to create the vision, efficiently execute the details and oversee the final product on the special day.

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Event Planning

What does an event planner do? I’ve been asked this question a time or two since I entered this line of work in college. It’s an easy question to answer. I plan the details of events to turn visions into reality for weddings, golf tournaments, birthday parties, company parties, retreats, etc. What sometimes makes this a challenge is that “event planning” can mean different things to different people. It is my job to figure that out.

Do you want someone to take your vision and “make it happen?”

Do you want someone to help you create a vision for your event?

Maybe all you need is someone to oversee setup and production on the day of the event and make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

So, the question I like to ask is “what kind of and how much planning do you need?” I provide packaged plans and am happy to customize any package to fit individual needs. Not all of us fit into a category anyway.

For more information about the kinds of services I offer, look at my Services.

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How We’ll Help

Contract Negotiation

Few things can be as stressful as contract negotiation. I am here to make sure contracts protect you and guarantee the products and services you expect.

Site Inspection

Site inspection involves evaluating a venue or facility to determine if it is suitable for your event. There is more to selecting a location than just considering your budget.

Event Coordination

Event Coordination includes ensuring all components are ready, all vendors and facilities are on schedule, and each person knows what to do and by what time.

Vendor Selection

Vendor selection can be a challenging process. Skilled planners can assess your requirements and offer a customized selection of vendors for each category.

Time Management

Planning a single event can often become a full-time job, and time management is one of the biggest challenges that people and companies face.